materials & care 

at mirai,
we are committed to providing our customers hand-finished and trendy jewelry made from the finest materials and metals. our business aims to produce affordable, chic and modern jewelry pieces. all of our products are high-quality and durable so, it's made to be worn everyday.

below you can find detailed descriptions of each of the metals used in our jewelry along with tips & tricks on cleaning & maintaining the appearance of your mirai piece(s).  

925 silver, also known as 925 sterling silver, is a mixture made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, typically copper. the 7.5% of alloy is added in order to make the silver strong, durable & less soft. 

hypoallergenic & easy to maintain (ideal for those with sensitive skin), durable metal & is suitable for everyday wear. with proper care, your item(s) can last a lifetime.

to maintain the appearance of your 925 silver jewelry, we recommend removing your mirai jewelry before showering or exercising. also, minimize its contact to harsh chemicals such as, hairspray, perfume, bleach.

stainless steel is a highly durable metal, allowing it to fight against the wear & tear of everyday activities. the hard metal resists scratches & corrosion because of the layer of chromium that prevents oxidation; this makes it a great metal of choice for our jewelry. 

corrosion-free, tarnish-free, scratch-free & extremely durable! oh, and it's waterproof, eco-friendly & 100% recyclable. 

simply clean your stainless steel jewelry with warm water & a few drops of dish soap to ensure it's in top condition. once finished, use a soft cloth to polish it back to its original shine!

a base metal (stainless steel or 925 silver) is dipped into electroplating solution with a thin layer of solid gold. gold-plating is much more affordable, stronger & practical than solid gold & is perfect for someone that loves keeping up with the latest trends! 

rhodium is a rare metal that is used to plate our silver jewelry & adds a layer of protection that guards against scratches. rhodium is highly reflective & has a deep shine giving all of our silver jewelry that stunning finish. it's much harder than gold, making it a durable material to plate metals with.

zircon is the first natural diamond stimulant & is the only gemstone that closely compares to the appearance of a real diamond. its class & sophistication is high-quality, extremely pure & rare in jewelry.
please note that since zircon is a soft & natural gemstone, it's important to treat it as if it were real diamonds.